Why am I not Rich?
Stuff I did that should have resulted in fame and fortune...
2016/2/18 13:30:00 (4937 Reads)

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I'm Sven and I'm smart. Not like "I'm too good to talk to you" smart — more like I wake up every single morning and ask "Why am I not rich?" smart. It’s a frustrating way to live. The best answer I’ve been able to come up with is that I’m just not evil enough to be rich. Okay, I know that not all rich people are evil… but come on now. J.P. Morgan? Thomas Edison?

In reality I’m a thinker and a builder and an artist and I just make stuff. I’ve spent the last 30 years sculpting and illustrating and taking things apart because I need to see what makes them tick. I have a vast collection of vintage toys, most of which were broken when I got them. That’s how I like it.

I’ve also worked in multimedia, marketing and illustration since I was seventeen. I’m not done yet. I can still hold a pencil. Mostly I hold a stylus these days, but I do like a nice, sharp Mirado Black Warrior.

Enjoy the site.

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