Why am I not Rich?
Stuff I did that should have resulted in fame and fortune...
2009/2/24 14:03:04 (20546 Reads)

 10 Seconds With Jesus - Cartoon SeriesSome Cartoons are Just Wrong for All the Right Reasons

The cartoon series "10 Seconds With Jesus" is quite possibly the funniest idea I've ever come up with. It makes people uncomfortable and that's what makes it truly hysterical. See what developed with Rum Runners' co-owner Angus and voice-over/ad-libber extraordinaire Lord Horatio Puks.

Born out of a desire to create something truly viral, "10 Seconds With Jesus" never really caught on with advertisers.  Mostly because of fear.  People don't want to offend the masses.  I say, bring it on.  The premise has been expanded to encompass other "untouchable" figures throughout history, which will hopefully result in more notoriety.

Click here to visit Jesus.

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