Cows Are Delicious

Date 2009/3/2 13:00:38 | Topic: Other Stories

 Cows Are Delicious - Join the Meatatarian ArmyMeat-Eaters Unite!

Perhaps the most fun I ever have is working on my meatiest idea ever, Cows Are Delicious. What could be better than a site dedicated to the meat-eaters of the world.  Hell, we're everywhere and rarely represented.

Maintained mostly by myself, Rum Runners' co-owner Angus, and a few other regular contributors, the site also lets any registered member submit content.  Recipes, stories, reviews, humor... if it's related to meat, it's on this site somewhere.  And that includes many of my previously top-secret recipes that should have made me a Food Network star by now.

Now if I could get my ideas to piss off PETA, maybe I'd get the media attention necessary to make some real advertising dollars.

Check it out here.

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